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作者: jinlin1of3    時間: 2012-3-12 16:22     標題: Prada outlet cheap prada handbags cheap prada 新建

Genuine Prada purses are packed in a white dustbag. There is a different design of dustbag for different types of handbag. The dustbag is made from a white material and shows a black logo. The black logo is printed on the front.,Prada Shoes
The Prada handbag (or purse)is one of the best selling designer handbags worldwide. Due to its huge demand,prada handbags, many unidentified manufacture have produced fake handbags and exported them to the marketplace. It is important that you learn how to spot a replica purse so that you won't get cheated.

If you want to buy real Prada purse,Prada outlet, you must buy it from a licensed and authorized retailer. Replica Prada purses can often be found on eBay,Authentic Prada, flea markets and garage sales.
Prada purses have a small tag that reads "Prada Made in Italy". The metal tag of the Prada handbag can be made from silver,Prada Handbags, gold or bronze. Sometimes the tag is made with blackened metal. The tag of a fake Prada handbag is often made in a cheap material such as plastic and fabric.
Prada purses have an invisible stitching that is not visible to the naked eyes. If the stitching looks messy or has colors,Prada outlet, it means that it is a fake bag. Fake handbags have oversized stitching that is visible.
When buying a Prada purse,cheap prada, you should check to see if it has an authenticity card. The authenticity card is located in a small envelope. The serial number in the bag should be the same as the one shown in the authenticity card. If there is no authenticity card,cheap prada handbags, you can be assured that it is a fake Prada handbag.
Prada handbags are made from real leather. Leather handbags have a relatively heavy weight. Fake Prada handbag may be made from a fake leather so it is light weight.
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