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標題: Black Hunters of Adversity [打印本頁]

作者: nemesis    時間: 2014-12-29 17:16     標題: Black Hunters of Adversity


The sun was setting over the central plains of Adversity. Everything was peaceful, but except for one place. The river Errinel. Leone rolled over, trying to avoid Trillion, the three-headed lion’s claw. “No luck,” said Desperado, one of the Seven Generals of the biggest villain Serpine’s army, watching from a distance. “There is no way to escape from Trillion’s fangs!” All of a sudden, Leone's eyes shimmered, and the mark on his wrist responded to his eyes by sending of a blast of red light.
    “You’re not going to use the god’s power, aren’t you?” Desperado gasped.
    “Fat chance,” said Leone laughing.
    Trillion’s fangs sank into Leone’s wrist, but he smiled. His wrist turned red, skin hardening into scales of leathery skin. “Dragon’s wrist!” Leone shouted. Something cracked in Trillion’s mouth. “ROAR!” This is a roar mixed with anger and pain. Frustrated, Trillion charged at Leone’s waist this time. Leone sent a blow, which is more than enough to kill ordinary Adversity Beasts. “You are not thinking that a tickle like that would be enough, won’t you? It’s trained by myself personally, not the same as the soft Beasts!” Desperado laughed.
    “Urgh…” whimpered Leone when Trillion knocked him down to the ground.
    “Have you got any tricks on your sleeves?” Desperado laughed.
    “Yeah, I do have my last barrier.” Leone answered with a chuckle.
    Leone snapped his hands, and a ball of fire roared in his hands. He thrust out his palm, sending the fireball right in Trillion’s face.
“Magic,” he said, “the beast of my mark is Ferno the fire dragon. I got the power of forbidden magic from the knowledge of it. This, is the power of the user of the forbidden magic Ancient Dragons… the dragon slayer of fire!”
    “You’re playing with fire, Leone.” Desperado said, his tone dangerously soft.
    “Why not?”
Roaring and snarling, oh yes, and burning, Trillion plunged into the river. The water drowned Trillion as the Beast thrashed helplessly. The six green eyes of Trillion flashed with
terror and fury as it drowned. “Don’t be so happy,” promised Desperado, “I will find you, and then I will kill you!” With a flash, he was gone. Leone picked up the souvenir --- the broken teeth of Trillion. His features faded as he looked at the pearl-white fang.
A low rumble which made the earth shiver spread out from the river. The river’s surface began to tremble. Ripples spread from where Trillion drowned, while a deep growl shook the air. Then the river parted as a statue of a large lion with its jaws wide open rose from the river, as dark as ebony, splashing water into the river and shining darkly in the sun.
“Interesting,” he grinned.
That night, the statue burst open, a column of blood-red light shot towards the sky, and turned the sky to a shade of blood-red. They call it: The Blood Night.
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