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Hunter and Centaur
  Chapter 0 When the mark disappeared
  Chapter 1 When Tanvir hunted in the forest
  Chapter 2 When Demons destroy the village
  Chapter 3 When Emilia got caught
  Chapter 4 When Tanvir knew about the crystal
  Chapter 5 When Demons siege the city
  Chapter 6 When Tanvir defeat the red one

Chapter 0 When the mark disappeared
  "The mark of Sagittarius disappeared, my lord."
  "The power of the crystal has been weakened, my lord. What shall we do?"
  "I want to see Aldrich. Let him in."
  "Yes, my lord."
  A man holding a wand came in after a while.
  "Aldrich, I want you to find a way to repair the crystal."
  "Yes, but what about the demons? Without one of the twelve marks, the crystal won't be able to prevent demons coming from the underworld."
  "If the demons are sieging the city, protect the citizens in the first place. We still have time to figure out what the problem is since the location that connected to the underworld is far from here."

Chapter 1 When Tanvir hunt in the forest
  Botania, a small village isolated from the central city. People hunt for their life.
  "What will you look for? Tanvir."said by a young woman in the village.
  "Maybe a rabbit."
  "So, I make mushroom soup for tonight."
  "Nice idea. Sam. I'll be back soon."
  "Be careful then."
  After Tanvir entered the forest a while, he saw a rabbit eating grass so he sought for a chance to kill the rabbit.
  Tanvir covered himself behind a tree.
  Just when the rabbit bent its head down, Tanvir sneak to its back.
  Suddenly, Tanvir heard some noise behind him so he gave up the chance of killing the rabbit and turn back.
  It's a leopard .
  Tanvir just dodged the jump attack from the leopard and performed a spin attack with his dagger.
  The leopard downed and could not stand.
  "That's it for today."
  Tanvir changed his prey from a rabbit to a leopard.
  Tanvir heard a girl's voice and soon followed by a march of glass.
  "The second leopard?"
  A horse...
  Tanvir lost consciousness when he just realized what's the sound was.

  "Phew, I thought you are not going to wake up."
  In a remote region, people were supposed to know each other but the young girl that Tanvir saw was a stranger.
  "Who are you?"
  "My name is Hmm...Emilia. Yes, my name is Emilia escaped from the central city."
  A criminal? Why she used the word escaped? Tanvir thought, but this young girl doesn't look like a criminal.
  But Tanvir's first concern was not about Emilia, it was the leopard that he was going to hunt because that's mean food.
  With that injury, the leopard should not be able to leave easily, Tanvir wondered but with the sunset, Tanvir could only go back to the village.
  "Where are you going?"
  "Back to the village."

Chapter 2 When Demons destroy the village

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Chapter 2 When Demons destroyed the village
  Tanvir's wife, Samantha hit a bowl containing mushroom soup in front of Tanvir like a meteor falls.
  "Listen to me. Samantha."
  "Shut up."
  "Hmmm...Is it better for me to leave?"
  "No, just feel free to stay here."
  Three people started to eat the soup but Samantha's eyes kept track on Tanvir.
  The tension of this house lasted for a few minutes until a bang coming outside relieved it.
  Tanvir went outside to see what's happened.
  He saw a lot of giants destroying the village so he soon returned to the house and picked up the dagger.
  Samantha asked,"What's happening?"
  "Stay here and don't leave."
  Tanvir charged to one of the giants and the giant returned with a body slam. He dodged the attack and tried to trust through the giant.
  However, the skin of the giant was as hard as a turtle shell.
  Tanvir soon noticed that the giants were unbeatable and wanted to announce Samantha as well as Emilia to escape.
  He saw another giant smashed his home and the house was totally destructed.
  Tanvir rushed back to his home...
  Samantha downed and a piece of wood penetrated her body was what Tanvir saw.
  "This could not be."
  Tanvir turned his eye on the giant that killed Samantha and attacked the giant.
  The giant seemed to be different from others, the attack from this giant was way faster and the color of this giant's skin was red instead of brown which other giants here were.
  Emilia suddenly jumped out in front of Tanvir before the red giant hit Tanvir.
  Amazingly, the punch from the red giant bounced back, the lower part of Emilia's body had transformed into a horse.
  "We need to get out of here."
  "Out of my way."
  "We don't have the power to defeat the demons."
  "So you are telling me to do nothing to the monster that just killed Samantha?"
  "No, but not now. I will tell you after we arrived the central city so just escape now. Ride on me."

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Chapter 3 When Emilia got caught
  "I saw the rejection from you when the giant attack. What was that?"
  "We call those giant, demons and I hold a mystical power to defend attacks from demons. To defeat demons, you need the power of magic."
  Currently, Tanvir didn't mind how to defeat the demons after he saw the power from Emilia. He just felt angry about Emilia so he grabbed Emilia's shoulders and yelled,
  "Why you hold such a strong power, didn't you save Samantha? You left her alone and...and you say you can defend demons?"
  "I..I just went out and checked what's happen..."
  "That's mean you left her alone. "
  Tanvir left Emilia alone and walked away.
  No matter what Emilia said, Tanvir didn't turn back and disappeared from Emilia's sight.
  Emilia tried to find Tanvir and she walked into a deserted street.
  What's he was doing now?
  Emilia worried about Tanvir because he was alone and lost Samantha as well as the place to live.
  "Hey! Are you alone?"
  Emilia heard a guy calling her but not Tanvir. She was soon surrounded by three guys.
  "Yes, but what do you want?"
  "Don't worry. We just want to buy you some drinks."
  One of the guys grabbed Emilia's hand and pointed towards a building , said, "Just over there."
  Emilia flung his arm away.
  "No, thanks."
  However, these guys didn't give up and tried to catch Emilia.
  Emilia realized that she would not be right if she was caught by them so she transformed her human legs into horse legs and ran back to the crowd.
  With a supernatural creature running on the streets, knocking down people one by one, people were yelling for protection.
  Numbers of guards soon ran towards Emilia where people walked into the buildings.
  One of the guards shot an arrow with his crossbow and hit Emilia's leg which then followed by another shot.
  With both hits on the same side of Emilia's legs, Emilia was not able to run but she tried to pull off the arrows but when she did that, a guard shot a net on Emilia and the net fell on her head.
  Multiple guards engaged with their sword. At this instant, a man appeared and fought with those soldiers. The guards were not wearing heavy armor but they were still equipped and this man fought without using the dagger on his waist.
  A guard brandished his sword. Tanvir dodged the attack and grabbed the guard's hand followed by a kick to the knee. He finished with a punch on the guard's face.
  "I come here to save you."
  "But why? Aren't you angry with me?"
  "If I leave you alone, that's also mean leaving myself alone. Loneliness was terrifying."
  It seemed to be a flawless fight but Tanvir and Emilia were surrounded by more and more guards.
  "Give it up. Tanvir. I should be caught and everything was my fault."
  "So you are asking me to leave you alone? No. I cannot do that."
  Emilia wanted to persuade Tanvir but she gave up.
  The tension between Tanvir and the guards became tighter and tighter. Tanvir could not be the offensive side since he was facing a lot of guards while the guards saw the fight between Tanvir and one of the guards and they thought Tanvir was tough to beat.
  "That's enough."
  "Yes, my lord."
  The guards returned their sword to its scabbard and stood still.
  A man who held a wooden staff walked out from the soldiers.
  "My name is Aldrich. I wanted to talk to you. Sagittarius and also you, gentleman."
  A new word came out which confused Tanvir but at least he knew that he did not need to fight for a moment.
  "I wanted to bring you to a place."

Chapter 4 When Tanvir knew about the crystal
  Aldrich led Tanvir and Emilia to the castle which located in the center of the city.
  “Where are we going now?” Tanvir asked.
  Alrich replied, “Did you know what the crystal is?”
  “So, you are not a citizen of the central city. Aren’t you?”
  “No. I am from Botania.”
  “Botania. Ok. I know where it is. Then tell me how did you meet Sagittarius.”
  “Sagittarius? You mean Emilia?”
  “Yes, the girl next to you.”
  “When I went out for a hunt and going to kill a leopard, I was hit by a horse and I…wait, wait a moment. Is that you, Emilia?”
  “No. Not me.”
  “But I don’t think a horse will save a leopard.”
  Tanvir came closer to Emilia and he stuck his eyes on Emilia’s eyes to check whether she was lying or not.
  “Yes, is me. Don’t you think the leopard was so poor?”
  Tanvir flashed back his memory and said, “It might be but I think you don’t need to do it like that.”
  “Can we continue now?” asked by Aldrich.
  “OK, I was hit by Emilia and I pass out. Then, when the sunset, I woke up and Emilia followed me to the village.”
  “Sagittarius became human and went to Botania. Anyway, that’s not the main point.” Aldrich whispered.
  “What did you just say?” Tanvir asked.
  “Just thinking of something. It is better to explain in this room.”
  They finally arrived a place with a white gate at the front.
  Emilia polled Tanvir's hand and stayed behind him.
  "Open the gate."
  Hearing Aldrich command, two people wearing white robes opened the gate.
  A huge, brightening crystal floating in mid-air went into Tanvir's sight.
  "Come in."
  "What is that?"
  Tanvir was surprised by the beauty of the crystal and stepped towards the crystal but Emilia refused to come in and just stood in front of the gate.
  "The crystal. If you don't know about the crystal, you may not know  about demons. They are dangerous creatures but because of the magic power of the crystal, demons were banished to the underworld."
  "If just as you said is true, then why those demons can come to assault us?"
  "Wait. You mean you already encounter the demons."
  "Right. The demons destroyed my village and killed my wife."
  "What a shame! And I am not sure whether it is right to tell you this."
  "Tell me."
  "But don't regret on that. The crystal is reinforced by twelve Zodiac marks and without one of the marks, demons can come to this world.  the mark of Sagittarius disappeared a few days ago and if Sagittarius can return to her original position, the demons will be destroyed."
  "That means Emilia will be disappeared?"
  "Not exactly, Sagittarius was just a mark for hundred years so she is just going to transform back into the original state."
  "If the problem was just because of the demons, one of the solutions is killing all of them."
  "Do you know how tough those demons are? They are invulnerable without the power of magic. Even if you have magical power, you may not able to catch up their speed."
  "I know. I had experience fighting with them."
  "Even you have both magic power and skills, you still cannot duel with the red one. The red one is faster and far more powerful than any demons and it is the king of demons."
  "I can duel with that so stopped persuading me to scarify Emilia."
  Even this might not be what Aldrich want, Aldrich ordered "Guards, capture Sagittarius."
  Aldrich then stepped back and grabbed his staff with his left hand. A white magic ball appeared at the end of the staff. He shot the magic ball to mid-air. The magic ball then transformed into smaller pieces of magic balls and attacked like a rainfall.
  Tanvir dodged most of them and blocked some of them with his dagger.
  "What an amazing dexterity!"
  Aldrich did not let Tanvir rest and kept attack with a magic beam. The magic beam went from right to left. There was no way to dodge this magic attack. If Tanvir tried to jump over the beam, Aldrich can simply point the beam up. If Tanvir ran the opposite direction as the beam went, there will be a wall. Therefore, instead of avoiding the attack, Tanvir rushed to Aldrich.
  When Tanvir approached to Aldrich, Aldrich stopped casting the magic beam and pointed the staff to Tanvir's stomach where Tanvir pointed his dagger to Aldrich's neck.
  "Released her."
  "Yes, your majesty."
  Aldrich turned his attention towards the one who came and commanded the guards after he jumped back.
  A person wearing a crown on his head came and everyone knew he was the most powerful person in the city, the king.
  "If you can duel with the red one, by the authority of the king, I promise that Sagittarius can be free."

Chapter 5 When demons sieged the city
  Just leaving the place where the crystal located, A guard put his knee down in front of the king and reported, "The demons is coming."
  "How come they come so fast?"
  The king looked a bit surprised but he then talked to Tanvir,
  "I saw the fight between you and Aldrich. Your fighting skill was excellent."
  "Thank you."
  "You have a potential to defeat the red one but do you know magic?"
  The king closed his eyes for a while and made a decision, "Then, I offered you the magic scroll. Apply this to your weapon and your weapon will be able to cut through demons' skin. The weak point of demons is the heart located on their left chest which is your right-hand side."
  A guard brought a scroll to Tanvir after a minute. The king further explained, "The magic power will only last for a minute so use it when you face the red one. Aldrich, set up a barrier to protect the castle. Guards, let citizens into the castle."
  "Yes, your majesty."
  Tanvir tapped Emilia on her shoulders and said, "Don't try to do stupid things, I'll be back soon."
  "Be careful then."
  Tanvir seemed to see a shadow of Samantha overlapping Emilia and replied, "Yes, I will."
  Tanvir ran outside the castle and saw the demons destroying the city as they did to his village, Botania.
  "I will hunt you down, the red one."
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Chapter 6 When Tanvir defeated the red one
  The demons came from every side of the city so Tanvir located his target, the red one.
  Once he located the target, he ran towards the red one but he soon surrounded by a number of demons.
  He knew that he could not use the magic scroll right now so he just avoided those attacks and moved.
  However, this was a critical mistake. Tanvir was surrounded by more and more demons when he arrived where the red one was.
  The demons used their fist to smash the ground. The fists were huge and just only a few windows for Tanvir to dodge all of these.
  Here came the fist from the red one. Although the punch was fast, Tanvir expected it so he could dodge the attack.
  Tanvir then applied the scroll to his dagger.
  The blade of the dagger turned into pure white which was same as Aldrich magic ball.
  He first attacked the red one's legs. He used its legs as a jumping platform and jumped on the red one left chest. He cut through the skin of the red one but that's all the damage Tanvir can do. The red one grabbed Tanvir and smash him into the ground.
  Tanvir could hardly stand up and he lost his weapon.
  "That's was closed."
  He saw the chest was cut off and the heart pumping but could not finish that. He then turned his eyes to the castle. The appearance of the castle was covered by demons and those demons were attacking the barrier that Aldrich made.
  "Don't give up."
  Emilia charged towards Tanvir and picked him up on her horse back. With the present of Emilia, the attacks were rejected.
  "Why you are here?"
  "I will not leave you alone too."
  "Find the dagger."
  Emilia rushed towards the dagger and Tanvir bends down to pick up.
  Tanvir decided to throw the dagger to the red one hearts because the magical enchantment was running out of time.
  Both Emilia and Tanvir yelled.
  The red one blocked the throwing dagger with its arm.
  "We still have a chance to defeat the red one." said by Emilia.
  "Don't do that, you cannot scarify yourself."
  "I am not going to scarify myself. Just want to make an explosion."
  "You know I will reject the attacks from demons, what if you throw me towards the demons?"
  "What are you talking about? Throw you to the red one?"
  Emilia jumped high and transformed her legs back to human legs.
  "Throw me."
  Tanvir threw Emilia off like throwing a hammer.
  The red one tried to attack Emilia but it was rejected, Emilia projected to the red one's heart.
  An explosion occurred and that explosion deleted other demons surrounded by the red one.
  After the explosion, Tanvir saw Emilia lying down on the floor.
  Tanvir hit Emilia's face but Emilia didn't react.
  "Emilia, don't leave me alone."
  "My hero..."
  "No, you didn't do that."
  Emilia smiled and laughed.
  "That's not funny."
  But Tanvir laughed together with Emilia.

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